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Boticario Male Fragrances

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This page was first published on 28th December 2019 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: January 1, 2020 at 15:11 pm

For Orders, contact us on WhatsApp (592) 672 9748

Please note: we are in Brazil so we do not have Digicel signal: you can only reach us by WhatsApp.

All prices are in Guyana Dollars (GYD) and include shipping to Georgetown, Guyana.

Product Description

Boticario is one of Brazil’s biggest perfume companies which produces and markets some of the biggest brands in the industry. Names such as “Malbec” and “Coffee” all belong to the Boticario line of products.

On this page I will attempt to list all of the Boticario male colognes we have available and update it regularly.

Our Location

We are presently located in Boa Vista, Brazil. However, we have several agents living in and around Georgetown, Guyana who will deliver your order. Let us know your location when you order so we can ship your product to the agent closest to you.

How to Order

To order any of the coffee colognes shown below, please contact us on WhatsApp: (592) 672 9748 and give us your name, contact number, name of product and quantity of products you would like to order.

Shipping and Delivery

These products ship from Boa Vista, Brazil, so it may take 5 – 7 days to arrive after you order. Once your product arrives at our agent in Guyana, we will inform you via your contact number.

Order Now: WhatsApp: (592) 672 9748

Our Facebook Page: Brazilian Products

Note: The primary market for this website is neighboring Guyana, South America. However, we can also ship Brazilian products to other countries. If you are from another country, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp: (592) 672 9748.

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Connexion 100 ml – $12,000
Arbo 100 ml – $12,000
Arbo Ocean 100 ml – $14,000
Portinari 100 ml – $14,000
Uomini Black 100 ml – $14,000
Egeo Bomb Black 90 ml – $12,000
Egeo Blue 90 ml – $12,000
Uomini 100 ml – $14,000
Styletto Elegance 100 ml – $12,000
Malbec Colognes come in 11 different flavors. Click here to see the full list of Malbec Colognes from Boticario Products.
Egeo Original 90 ml – $12,000
Quasar Brave 100 ml – $12,000
Arbo Reserva 100 ml – $14,000
Quasar Classic 125 ml – $12,000
Quasar Surf 100 ml – $12,000
Uomini Moto Sul 100 ml – $14,000
Arbo Liberte 100 ml – $14,000
Styletto 100 ml – $12,000
Quasar Original 100 ml – $12,000
Coffee Colognes is available in both male and female fragrances. Please click here to see the full range of Coffee Colognes from Boticario Products.
Zaad 50 ml – $15,000
Zaad 95 ml – $25,000
Quasar Evolution 100 ml – $12,000
Quasar Fire 100 ml – $12,000
The Blend 100 ml – $25,000
MEN Galbe 100 ml – $12,000
Men Only 100 ml – $12,000
Men 100 ml – $12,000
Zaad Go 95 ml – $25,000
Zaad Mondo 95 ml – $25,000
The Blend – Bourbon – 100 ml – $25,000

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