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Kaiak – Men’s Cologne

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Kaiak – 100ml for men is an all time favorite among both men and women.

For orders, contact Patrick Carpen:

Mobile: +592-672-9748 (Whatsapp Available)


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For some men, life is a quest for new emotions. Movement is their raison d’être. KAIAK evokes movement through the zesty energy of citrus fruits and spices, underpinned by a woody warmth.
Contains 100% organic alcohol. The organic alcohol is obtained from sugar cane produced using environmentally-responsible farming methods. The sugar cane is cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and harvested without burning.
And you, what makes you move forward?

Did you know that Brazil produces some of the world’s best fragrances? Yes, it’s true! And Kaiak by Natura Products is living proof of this.

Kaiak – 100ml for men has earned a top place in the favorites list of perfume aficionados worldwide.

And now, you too can experience its power for yourself.

We’re looking for importers/agents/distributors of this No. 1 Fragrance in all countries.

Contact us Today!

Mobile: +592-670-7424 (Whatsapp Available)


Facebook:   (Click the Link)

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