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Routine’s Illumina Solution – Remove Stains, Spots and Blemishes

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The Illumina Solution Routine is the perfect product for those who want a much more luminous and uniform skin. Thanks to the presence of nanoenclapsulated vitamin C and antioxidant actives in the Illumina Solution formula, the product lightens the stains on your face, as well as fighting the deformities present in the color of your skin.

It can be used in different skin types, and the Illumina Solution is ideal for use after the completion of your facial cleansing routine and before applying sunscreen factor sunscreen creams.

Its whitening action helps, according to the regularity of its use, in the process of luminosity and uniformization of the coloration of your skin.

The Routine line, responsible for the Illumina Solution Routine, was developed with the objective of offering a modern and effective proposal for each type of need of the different skin types, always having products that suit you and your well-being.

Get your Illumina Solution Routine now and have a clearer, brighter, stain-free face.

Contact us and get the product that best fits your needs.

Always count on Hinode’s safety and quality.

Information about the product:
– Keep the product away from light and heat.
– After use, leave it properly closed so that its contents continue with the original properties.
– Discontinue use in case of product sensitivity.
– For external use only.
– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Product available in 30g version.

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