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Our Agents

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Page First Published: 23rd June, 2019.

Last updated: October 17, 2022 at 3:19 am

Our Agents

In Bartica

Cherryann Robertson: Call or WhatsApp: 603-4322

Jasmine Mohamed: Call or WhatsApp: 698-6634

Kisana Joris. Call or WhatsApp: 680-7867

Mobile Guru: Call or WhatsApp: 677-7774

In Charity, Essequibo

Mobile Express: Lot 110 Charity, Essequibo Coast: Call or WhatsApp: 677-7774

In Parika

Mobile Guru: 318 Parika Public Road: Call or WhatsApp: 677-7774

In Vreedenhoop

Stacy: Call or WhatsApp: 669-8672

Mobile Guru: 34 New Road, Vreedenhoop: Call or WhatsApp: 677-7774

Become a Reseller

Do you have an existing business such as a boutique, salon, pharmacy, supermarket, etc and would like to offer Brazilian Products to your customers? Becoming a reseller of Brazilian Products is a wonderful opportunity to earn more money.

To become a reseller of Brazilian Products, contact Us On:

Mobile: +55 66 9281 2644 (WhatsApp Available)


Facebook: (Click the Link)

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