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Rexona – Underarm Deodorant Spray

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Last updated: October 10, 2017 at 4:30 am

Available in both male and female formulas, the deodorant spray comes in a beautiful 150 ml bottle and carries anti-bacterial properties.

Rexona Underarm Deodorant Spray combines comfort, protection and style. Its delicate perfume scent is pleasant to the nostrils yet powerful against bacteria and odor.

Rexona Underarm Deodorant Spray – 48-Hours Protection – is one of Brazil’s Best Selling Underarm Deodorant.

And now we’re looking to capture the international market!

Here’s your chance to become an importer, wholesaler or distributor of this high quality product from REXONA BRANDS – BRAZIL.

We’re looking for importers, wholesalers and distributors IN YOUR COUNTRY!

Lowest wholesale prices guaranteed!!

Contact us today!

For orders, contact Patrick Carpen:

Mobile: +592-672-9748 (No Signal – Whatsapp Only)


Facebook:   (Click the Link)


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