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With Camphor, Menthol and Triclosan, it avoids the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, deodorizes, relaxes and rests, providing immediate comfort for feet and legs.

Wonderful Plus Legs and Feet Deodorant Lotion is the perfect product for anyone who wants fresh, fragrant and fungus-free and bacteria-free skin. Thanks to its formula consisting of fungicide and triclosan the indicated areas to be treated by the product are gently scented and protected from the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Specially designed for those who want to avoid the common odors found in the foot region and – eventually – on the legs, that the Wonderful Plus Deodorant Lotion has been specially developed. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the lotion also has a relaxing and revitalizing action due to the presence of camphor in its composition, as well as activators that aid in smoothing the skin and substances that contribute to the hydration of the legs and feet, avoiding possible roughness and dryness.

To maximize the results of the Wonderful Plus Legs and Feet Deodorant Lotion, we recommend not only the regular use of the product, but also the use of the other products of the line. That way you treat various aspects and parts of your body with the Hinode quality always guaranteed.

Get your Wonderful Plus Legs and Feet Deodorant Lotion now and have a fragrant, protected and moisturized skin.

Hinode has thousands of consultants and consultants all over Brazil who are ready to help you in acquiring your products and choosing the right fragrance for your routine and personality. Find out which ones you serve and your region and get all your questions answered!

Did you like the Wonderful Plus Legs and Feet Deodorant Lotion? Enjoy and get to know the products section of the Hino’s Wonderful line with this and many other options!

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