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Chiquiteira – Women’s Footwear

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To Order, WhatsApp +55 66 9281 2644.

Please note: we are in Brazil so we do not have Digicel signal: you can only reach us by WhatsApp.

These beautiful women’s footwear, made in Brazil, will have you bubbling with excitement and satisfaction. An intricate blend of fashion, beauty and comfort, Chiquiteira women’s footwear will have your feet glowing.

First, choose your product using the product number near to each picture. Then, contact us by WhatsApp to place your order: + 55 66 9281 2644.

At present, we do not have a store in Georgetown, Guyana, but we have several agents who can deliver your product. Let us know your location when you order so we can ship your product to the agent closest to you.

These products ship from Sao Paulo, Brazil, so it may take 2 – 3 weeks to arrive after you order. Once your product arrives at our agent in Guyana, we will inform you via your contact number.

Order Now: WhatsApp: +55 66 9281 2644

Remember each code below represents a style and color. For example, SN 07 is the code of the red footwear in the style shown in the picture below, while SN 08 represents the black footwear in the same style.

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Note: The primary market for this website is neighboring Guyana, South America. However, we can also ship Brazilian products to other countries. If you are from another country, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp: +55 66 9281 2644.